• DCM is your experienced partner,
    trusted to deliver in moments of truth.



We use 256-bit SSL encryption to safeguard you and your financial information

Safe from login to logout

Your DCM Account credentials are needed to form a secure connection. We adhere to the same security encryption standards as your bank and routinely run security audits to ensure we meet these standards at all times.

Independently verified daily

On top of our own internal audits, TrustGuard verifies our security every day.

We don’t sell your informtion

Earning and maintaining your trust is our highest priority and there's no quicker way to lose that trust than by selling your information (as many free sites often do)

Segregated Account

Your DCM Pro and DCM Elite accounts are held segregated from the main account of DCM. Your funds are only used for a credit-enhancement procedure and do NOT physically move. Even in the unlike event of DCM undergoing financialy difficulties, your money stays safe!

Licensed and Regulated

The DCM Fund is a own registered entity and fully licensed and regulated. Your assets are held in reputable banks, protected against fraud and mismanagement.

To find out more information about our license and regulation, please contact license@dcm

Secured Trading Strategy

The key investment strategy of DCM is based on two main principles.

1. DCM does NOT buy or sell these financial products for a long-term speculation, putting the company’s and the investor’s money at risk.

Based on the erratic behaviour of the market, DCM traders ONLY BUY a position whenever a pre-arranged sell contract is in place, with a buyer who has agreed (with full responsibility) to buy the instrument/product for a slightly higher price than the price DCM traders would pay at time of purchase.

2. Small Profit with a healthy leverage

The profit in a business transaction of this nature is marginal, however due to the leverage offered by DCM strong banking partners in the Middle East, these rather small profits are turned into a lucrative return of investment, while keeping the risk at an absolute minimum.


DCM DOES NOT ever hold on to a position. The market risk is, at no time, on the DCM’s or investor’s side. The profit is based on the price difference defined in the contract between seller (DCM) and buyer. The speculation is off-market and not impacted by market speculation.